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It’s Official. Spinner is Toast.

Hi all. Our fussy McFussy-Pants has officially been retired. She has come to the end of her useful life and will be replaced shortly with a spankin' new shiny spinner from Stone Hedge mills. It may take some time for the new spinner to arrive. Anyone with orders...

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Working out the Kinks

Ah, the joys of working with old equipment! We are all learning and tweaking and learning some more as we get to know this quirky, finicky and somewhat particular old equipment. Not being experienced enough yet to know whether our stumbling blocks are equipment or...

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Inca Dinca Do is almost a mill! (Almost.) Lots of time being spent on getting the machinery all cleaned up and running smoothly this week. So much excitement as each piece of equipment roars to life and begs to be put back into production! There are some quirks of...

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Getting closer!

Electricians are getting equipment hooked up this week, plumber hopes to finish connecting all plumbing by Tuesday. I have been blessed with a bunch of friends helping to clean the equipment and things are starting to look like a mill! I will be contacting each and...

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Mill Update Jan 5

Sigh. It seems the road to success is paved with delays. Dry-walling delays have set everything back this week. Equipment move-in had to be rescheduled (again!). I am hoping they can get dry-walling completed and cleaned up today, floors sealed on Monday and equipment...

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