It is with sadness and regret that we have no choice but to announce the upcoming closure of Inca Dinca Do Farm & Fibery. Farmer Pat has reached the end of his farming ability (no shame there, he will be 90 in April!) and therefore, the farm and mill will be put up for sale in the next few months.

The mill would like to honour it’s committment to customer orders already in process and will do our darndest to get them all finished before we close down. No more new jobs are being accepted but if you have jobs on the go, watch for your invoice with the completed work, as per normal. Meanwhile, the mill shop is open for business 9-4 Monday to Friday.

It has been so very lovely providing support and encouragement to (and from) our local fibre community over the past 2 years. Learning to work with “The Duchess” (our 150 year old carder), “Fubar” (extractor), “Kermit” (pin drafter) and “Alice” (spinner) has been quite the journey. We are grateful to those of you who offered your patience as we figured things out and we are proud of what we are now able to achieve. It would be wonderful to see the equipment stay on the island – we’d be more than happy to share what we’ve learned!

We will hold one last tour day on the last Thursday in February (February 27 2020). Come and say goodbye 🙁


The staff & mgmt of Inca Dinca Do.



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